In connection with the launch in 2018 of the government subsidy program "Clean Air" aimed at improving air quality in Poland, by increasing the thermal efficiency of single-family houses, we are honored to present you the portal, in which every interested investor will find appropriate materials information about the program as well as a full range of thermal insulation materials, heating systems, window joinery and other products necessary to effectively improve the ecological use of warmer energy, so that both us and future generations of Poles can breathe fully, and nature around us can flourish so beautifully like in the lifetime of our grandparents.


Below you will find links to government websites with information needed to obtain co-financing for the thermal insulation of houses built before 2002, installation of modern heating systems in newly built houses (only until the end of 2019), or for people interested in broadly understood renewable energy sources, a guide on how to obtain a loan with a favorable interest rate for this purpose.


The most important part of the system is proper thermal insulation that minimizes heat loss. Among the wide range of materials that we offer, the most cost-effective but proven and effective polystyrene, completely non-flammable mineral and glass wool, ecological wood wool, sheep and hemp wool, XPS extruded polystyrene plates resistant to moisture and compressive loads, and ending with high-tech materials such as foamed resole foams and airgel mats - the most effective thermal insulation material known today.

thermal insulation


An energy-efficient and low-emission heat source is a basic investment that should be made when building a modern, energy-efficient house. Regardless of whether the investor's choice is a condensing boiler fired with natural gas or fuel oil, a pellet boiler, an effective fireplace with a water jacket, or a ground heat pump, the customer can be sure that the device chosen by him will heat his home using as little fuel as possible. while emitting as little CO2 and / or particulate matter as possible.

heat sources


Even a poorly insulated wall has a significantly greater thermal resistance than even the best window, so it is extremely important to install only the best multi-chamber, double or triple-glazed windows that meet the most stringent thermal insulation requirements in a modern, energy-efficient house. We offer wooden, aluminum and PVC windows, as well as external, roof and balcony windows. A wide selection of patterns and colors will allow you to choose the right window for virtually any facade.



An often overlooked error in thermal insulation is the installation of insufficiently insulated entrance gates in heated garages. Also, insufficient insulation of internal doors can be a problem. Certified garage doors and gates filled with graphite polystyrene, polyurethane or mineral wool in our offer meet the minimum heat transfer coefficients Ucmax for external partitions, such as doors, amounting to 1.30 [W / (m2 · K)].